Short Let Management

Maximise your Property’s Potential

A vacant property leads to reduced income. With our extensive experience, we excel at securing bookings for our hosts, ensuring their properties remain occupied throughout the year. Bloomsbury Estates elevates your occupancy rates through rental strategy, pricing algorithms, and seamless integration with multiple platforms.

While our expertise lies in short and mid-term listings, we are also proficient in listing properties on various other rental platforms. Whether you are looking for short term holiday lets, mid term corporate stays or longer-term rentals, let us take the stress out of renting your space.

Stunning Short Let Property

Maintenance Scheduling

We include all small maintenance within the quote, so if your washing machine is playing up, your dishwasher needs salt or lightbulbs need changing we sort and maintain this for you. Unlike a management company we manage our owned properties too and we will manage your property like one of our own.

Bloomsbury Estates Members Club

The Bloomsbury Estates Members club is a wonderful opportunity to network and meet other hosts and like-minded people. As a member, you will also be given an exclusive 30% off our owned portfolio in London, France and Morocco. We host events throughout the year and invite our hosts, partners and friends, allowing owners to discuss property swaps and exchange ideas.

Bespoke White- Label Benefits

We have created a bespoke white-label for our top-tier properties, this product is being shared with the top concierge and lifestyle management companies in London giving us unique access to ultra- high net worth individuals, be it CEO’s, heads of state or film directors, we’ve accommodated them all.

Tech With a Personal Touch

We have invested heavily in tech, from our centralised booking system to our dynamic pricing algorithms, we use hyperlocal market data to ensure our listings receive the optimum prices and occupancy throughout the year, whilst also providing clients with detailed analytics to highlight performance. Whilst tech is great, we are renowned for our customer service and believe that repeat business can only be archieved through a personal touch.

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Perfect Short Let Property

Picture Perfect Listings

We create standout listings using professional photographers and copywriters to gain maximum exposure for your property across 40+ booking platforms.

Interior Design and Development

From interior design, project management and build contracts we can help you make an informed and cost-effective decision on how best to design your property for maximum short let profit. Bloomsbury Estates was originally founded as a property development and design company, meaning it’s in our DNA.

Transparent Pricing

Should you need to re-decorate, install a bathroom or replace the carpets, we will manage the entire project for you by simply forwarding you the direct quote with no hidden costs or commissions.

Your Account Manager

We believe your property should be managed by someone that knows the property intimately. You will be allocated a dedicated property manager who will know every detail of your own property, with on-site visits on a regular basis.

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