Hosting guests at your property can be anxiety-inducing - it's understandable to have concerns about potential mishaps.

We rigorously screen guests to ensure they will treat your home with the same care as you would. However, it's unavoidable that normal wear and tear will occur over time and accidents may happen.

Timely resolution of issues is crucial to guarantee a positive guest experience. Hence, we have established local partnerships with reliable maintenance professionals in every area we serve. Rest assured; assistance is readily available should any problems arise.

Feel free to contact us at any time to get a quote on any maintenance you may require, from booking gas safety certificates to bigger renovations, Bloomsbury Estates can assist with all your maintenance needs.

Home Staging

Being based in the Heart of Bloomsbury, art and culture is at our core. One of our founding directors has a keen eye and passion for interior design, as well a large collection of eclectic art. We have a range of furniture, mirrors, artwork, and equipment available to rent or buy to ensure your property is looking its best! We offer design consultations or full home staging packages.

Linens and Toiletries

Our local linen providers ensure that your guests are welcomed with crisp, hotel-quality linen for their stay.

Collaborating closely with our trustworthy housekeeping team, we take care of bed-making and promptly remove any used linens to maintain a clean environment.

All our linen goes through professional washing and is reused. We offer turnover services on a daily, weekly or 2 biweekly basis depending on our guests requirements and length of stay.

Guest Communication

Prompt response to guests is crucial for maintaining a high ranking in Airbnb searches. Delayed responses can negatively impact the visibility of your property. Additionally, Airbnb's response rate is measured within a 24-hour timeframe, so slow messaging directly affects your potential revenue.

We have staff available from 8 till late, 7 days a week to ensure that all inquiries and issues are dealt with promptly. Our team speak multiple languages to ensure that guests can communicate freely with us.

Why choose Bloomsbury Estates?

Family Run with a personal touch.

Our small, dedicated team provides professional experience and in depth personal knowledge of each and every property we manage.

Excellent Reviews

On Google, Airbnb and through personal emails, our hosts and guests consistently appreciate our service.


Using a range of Algorithms and Platforms alongside our extensive knowledge of the industry allows us to provide a personal tech supported service to both guests and hosts.


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